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Employment Practice Law

Our legal advice covers both the rights of employees and employers

  • Advice and/or following you to disciplinary committees, investigations & appeals (when you are given the choice to come with a legal representative)
  • Advice on charges to term and conditions of your contract
  • Discrimination, harassment, bullying and all forms of unfair treatment at work
  • Unfair Dismissals, Wrongful Termination of Employment ECT

We also provide the following services

  • Filling the suit and representing you at Employment Tribunals
  • Representation or taking up your matter with ACAS for conciliation and also representation at mediation and other alternative forms of dispute resolution and negotiation in your best interest
  • Redundancy, Settlement negotiations ECT
  • Maternity Issues, Holidays/sick pay rights
  • Advice on taking on Apprentices (For Employers) and your rights as an Apprentice
  • Other complex employment and labour law related issues

Immigration & Asylum

Advice, Guidance and Representation

  • Family & personal immigration: Family and visitors visits visa, spouse’s visa
  • Tier 1, 2 (Work Permit), 4 (Student visa), Tier 5 (Religious visa) Visa applications
  • Specialist applications Ruiz Zambrano and Surrinder Singh application
  • EU Applications, Dependants spouse, Retention of rights, Extended family ECT
  • Business Immigration: Obtaining sponsorship licences, Entrepreneurship visas
  • Specialist advice and representation in all deportation and removal cases, cancellation of deportation orders/arrangements of home office

We also cover the following areas

  • Court bail and CIO ball applications and temporary admission applications
  • JR Pre action Applications, Judicial Reviews, Administrative Reviews & Reconsideration
  • Appeals at the first tier, permissions and upper tier tribunals, etc.
  • Asylum & Human Rights – Advice you on prospects of success and challenges any unfair of wrong decisions
  • Human rights and outside the rules applications
  • Citizenship and nationality applications
  • Specialist over-stayer regulation advice and regularisation of stay
  • Other complex immigration issues and applications

Family Law and Children & Child Care Law Practice

Advice, Guidance and Representation

  • Pre Marital agreements
  • Divorce and or separation
  • Financial settlements, spousal maintenance
  • Domestic Violence issues
  • Cohabitation issues and rights (unmarried People), under trust law
  • Contract orders, Residence orders
  • Child Maintenance agreement
  • Adoptions
  • Separation Agreement
  • Care & Protection of children

Litigation and Alternative dispute resolution


  • Civil litigation – Advising on success prospects before suing in view of cost
  • Taking alternative steps to litigation in your interest
  • Work with specialist counsel depending on area of the suit
  • Suing in areas like enforcement of rights, contract breaches, etc.
  • Taking to negotiations on your behalf and representation in mediation or arbitration
  • Property disputes, Debt recovery, Consumer disputes, Bankruptcy matters

Commercial Leases


  • Lease assignments and surrenders
  • Lease renewals
  • Licensing issues and change of use
  • Land lord & tenant problems, eviction notices
  • Problems with landlords is where house not maintained – Your rights
  • Evictions
  • Drafting tenancy agreement and advising on one before you sign

Corporate & commercial law practice


  • Advice from setting your company, running it and dissolution if need be
  • Act as company secretaries and legal advisers to remove regulatory challenges off you, vet documents before you sign them, etc.
  • Drafting all sorts of commercial agreements, partnership agreements, business sales agreements, merger & acquisitions, franchise agreements
  • Specialist contract negotiations and following you to strategic meetings

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